Tuesday, July 12, 2016


This handout is like all the others: formatted for narrow margins, two columns, back-to-back, and split vertically down the center.

JULY 2016

My dear sisters in Christ,

My last handout was about death in Orlando. Now multiple deaths are here among us.

Once again two of our nation’s greatest challenges  

            Racial injustice
            Gun violence

It seems that we are on the way to protecting the right to own guns (as understood from the Second Amendment) to the point that murder may become free speech (part of the First)!

All of us are praying for the families of those who are dead and for the survivors and their families…and for the community of Dallas as they recover and try to become a stronger and better place…and for ourselves, because, in truth, we are all one.

It is more true than ever that we need to contact our legislators and share our thoughts and suggestions about these issues with them. It’s very easy to do. If you have access to a computer, by typing the names of your legislators into your browser you can get the emails and telephone numbers. That’s true for State and U.S. legislators.

For those of you who don’t have computers, the phone numbers below will give you the switchboards for the respective bodies; I couldn’t find a central number for the U.S. House.

            Texas Senate--(512) 463-0001
            Texas House--(972) 224-6795
            U.S. Senate--  (202) 224-2934
Please contact these people, if only to let them know you are praying for them and for their best efforts in their work.

            Land that I love,
            Stand beside her and guide her
               thru the night with a light from above….
God, bless us with your spirit of love that we may live together as your children, as one family;

Bless us with your spirit of joy that we may come to relish each other and your creation;

Bless us with the gift of tears that we may truly know the sorrow of the grieving and the fear of the marginalized;

Bless us with the spirit of patience that we may learn to wait upon you;

Bless us with the spirit of kindness so we may treat others as we want to be treated;

Bless us with the spirit of goodness that we may share equally the immeasurable bounty you have placed on this earth;

Bless us with the spirit of gentleness born of the desire to serve;

Dear God, bless us with the gift of self-control that we may become individually and collectively instruments of your peace.

                        In the name of the Prince of Peace,


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