Friday, March 4, 2016

WATER FOR LIFE: North Central District Day of Social Action


On March 19, 2016, United Methodist Women of the North Central District of the North Texas Conference will sponsor WATER FOR LIFE, a day to consider our Christian stewardship of the God-given phenomenon we know as water: two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, neither of which we can create nor simulate.

We will gather at Wylie UMC, 1401 FM 1378, Wylie. Registration starts at 9 a.m.; event will conclude at noon.

The Rev. Sam Brannon, director of the Water Captains Program for the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy and Texas Impact, both in Austin, will be the keynote speaker.

The event will include a silent auction of items brought by the women of the District. Women attending are asked to consider bring items for the auction: art/craft items, jewelry, table linens, home d├ęcor knick-knacks, etc. Items don’t have to be new, but should be like-new.

Offering and proceeds from the auction will go to Water for Life in Liberia.

About 75% of Liberians do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. The few wells that still exist in Liberia are contaminated, broken, or overused. Many villagers are forced to draw water from stagnant, bacteria-infested ponds and swamps, and they defecate in bushes, rivers, and creeks, the open, etc. As a result, water-borne diseases are common and villagers die of dysentery, cholera, infectious hepatitis.

All women who are interested in facts about our water situation in north Texas are invited to share this day with us.


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