Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is an updated handout re the Texas border situation. As always, can be re-formatted for half vertical page, back-to-back.



From a Colorado Council of Churches
Study on Immigration

“I don’t care what Jesus said!
I don’t want those people here!”


Cindy Johnson, immigration counselor for UMW, Inc., and interim executive secretary for  Christian social action, spoke to Rose Watson on Wednesday with this report.

The involved bishops from both Texas and Mexico and a bishop from Honduras have recently visited in Brownsville. They agree that a top priority is to protect the immigrants—particularly youthful ones—from human predators. So they need advocates for children, to help keep them safe.

Personal needs for the immigrants include sports bras (since these garments come in small/medium/large) and underwear.

The greatest need in Brownsville at the moment is financial support for the Good Neighbor Settlement House, which is a national mission institution of UMW. Gifts can be made through your UMW Unit (except for the Unit at FUMC Denton). Or you may send a check made payable to Good Neighbor Settlement House, to the House at 1254 Tyler Street, Brownsville, 78520.

Cindy issued an enthusiastic invitation to North Center District United Methodist Women to visit and see for ourselves the work they are doing at Good Settlement.

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