Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Change the World Weekend is May 17-18.  The materials are on-line, available for download—only I couldn’t make the process work. Most likely, though, it’s user error. You will probably have success.

If you are one person in one congregation in one community in one corner of the world, the weight of trying to make a lasting, positive transformation could seem impossible. The great thing about Change the World Weekend is that it highlights the connectional system of The United Methodist Church. We are never just one person or one church congregation. We connect globally with each other. Participating on May 17-18 means showing our connectionalism as a whole denomination.


In the UMW Monthly Calendar of Observances that I posted sometime ago, I listed Peace with Justice Sunday for May. In 2013 it was in May, but the date is actually based on Pentecost, and this year it's June 15, so there's time to order posters and envelopes--which are free.


World Day against Child Labor comes in June. If you want to distribute copies of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, it’s time to order. Source for these is the University of Minnesota human rights store on-line:  https://hrstore.law.umn.edu/catalog/. It is available in packets of 50 (passport size) for around $15.

UNICEF has declared 2014 as the Year of Innovation for Equity – to focus the world’s attention on showcasing and developing innovative solutions for children’s well-being. Throughout 2014, UNICEF will convene a series of “Activate Talks” which will bring together change makers from all walks of life to rethink and rework how we can deliver results for the most vulnerable and marginalized children. These talks will be live-streamed or broadcast on the Activate Talks web portal. To broaden the dialogue, all visitors to the site are invited to get involved in the discussions and debates and to share their views and experiences of innovation for children.

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