Monday, August 5, 2013

Instructions for novices to navigate the revised State of Texas website

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In browser window, put  At that site, click The Official Website of the State of Texas.

Near the top of that screen, listed horizontally beneath a solid white line, are three headings: Services, Agencies, Info Near You. Click Agencies.

On the left of that screen, listed vertically, are the agencies; Executive, Legislative, Judicial. According to your search click the appropriate one. For our purposes here, click Legislative.

As your screen indicates, that brings up seven results, listed vertically and alphabetically. Choose either House of Representatives (second) or Senate (sixth).

For information re House of Representatives, click that link in bright blue. This link takes you to the House home page and offers many helpful links. (Particularly interesting are the items listed under Member Press Releases, written by the members themselves.)

Also listed, across the top of the screen in white block letters, are additional links. Click Members.

This brings you to alphabetized pictures of all the representatives and allows you to search for your representative. Click Find your rep and follow instructions to get the name of your representative

To send an e-mail, scan the page of pictures until you see your representative and click the picture. That takes you to the member’s home page where you see a blue oblong link for Email; click that link and follow instructions.

For information re Senate, go back to the Agency Finder screen where the three agencies are listed on the left. Click Legislative.

As your screen indicates, that brings up seven results, listed alphabetically. Scroll down the screen to Senate (sixth). Click the blue link for the Senate website.

Under the Senate seal on the left of the screen are numerous links. Click Senators and you get several options. For our purposes, choose Who Represents Me.

This brings up lists of the senators in alpha order, by district, and also a great deal of additional information, including the option to find your senator. Scroll to your senator’s name and click.

This takes you to the senator’s home page. Across the top of that screen (in deep blue background) under the senator’s full name is a line of links, including E-mail. Click that link and follow instructions.

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